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The Board of Trade served as the primary location for municipal governance long before San Dimas became a city in 1960. It was founded in 1909 to assist in the resolution of a number of issues of public concern, including the grading and paving of streets, fire protection, the requirement for a public drinking fountain, a library, telephone service, street lighting, and many other crucial requirements of a developing town. The Board of Trade promoted San Dimas as "The Frostless Belt," with "pioneering a new era" as its central theme. The local economy was dominated by the citrus sector.

The Board of Trade became the Chamber of Commerce in 1914. Activities for the community were increased, including entries that won prizes in the Pasadena Rose Parade in 1925 and 1926. Even as the citrus business started to collapse in the 1950s, the town kept expanding.

The Chamber of Commerce worked hard to encourage San Dimas to become a city. Incorporation was proposed in Chamber sessions as early as 1912. Finally, the City of San Dimas was established in 1960, and the Chamber sponsored the inaugural session of the new City Council. Local businesses were flourishing. Bread cost 21 cents per loaf, grapes cost 10 cents per pound, and a three-bedroom house cost $13,725 to purchase!.
With 266 local businesses that were present. 146 of the original 266 enterprises are still operating, and 102 are still found in San Dimas. With incorporation, the Chamber's function altered. Along with municipal and community initiatives, promotion of the city became a top priority. A program was launched to welcome newcomers. It began with the yearly Western Days Celebration and Birthday Bar-B-Que. Urbanization and rapid growth have drawn the Chamber's attention to challenges related to corporate growth. The Chamber actively participated in establishing the San Dimas Farmer's Market and the Festival of Western Arts at this time. Growth is still occurring now. There are more than 1,400 companies, which represent many different business activity.
San Dimas is among five cities in Los Angeles County where the price of a basket of groceries rose the most over the past year, according to Zillow.
Several clients have purchased a newly remodeled house in San Dimas in the last 2 years for about $800.000.

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